Temperatures are beginning to cool as summer comes to a close, even for Florida residents. The weather will finally be perfect for enjoying time outdoors without worrying about the heat! We all know that being outside is good for the body and mind, and making your own backyard a personal oasis can be the key to staying relaxed during the busy holiday season ahead.

One great way to spruce up your backyard is by adding a screen room. If you haven’t considered one before, here are a few benefits:

Socializing: A screen room allows you to spend time outside in rain or shine, and will draw every family member out for more activities together. With comfortable seating or a table and chairs added, your space will become the place to be for parties and dinners. A screen room also offers a safe space for children to get fresh air without escaping your eyesight.

Quiet Time: Though your screen room can be a hub for family fun, it can also offer a quiet escape when you need time alone. Imagine hanging out with a good book in a quiet, breezy room all to yourself!

Less stress: If you love being outdoors but hate worrying about bugs, tracking dirt into your home or bringing in furniture whenever it rains, a screen room is perfect for you. You’ll save time without the nuisances of putting on bug spray and cleaning floors, and get all of the relaxation without the small stressors that can quickly ruin a beautiful day.

Home value: Though you will gain personal enjoyment from your screen room, it will also add value to your home if you decide to sell, and will certainly impress all neighbors and guests.

Kwik Screen has the expertise and staff to create the perfect screen room for your home. If you’re ready for all of the benefits of a screen room, give us a call at (786) 379-0536.