Now that it’s March, thoughts of summer are beginning to leak into everyone’s daydreams. Students are starting their spring breaks, the weather is warming up, and the sun is out longer. One of the best parts of summer is having a pool available right in your backyard for after-work swims or midday dips.

A pool already feels pretty luxurious, but if you’re looking for ways to increase your home value and make your time by the pool more enjoyable, there are some upgrades you can make.

1.    Pool resurfacing: If you’ve had your pool for a number of years or just haven’t kept up with cleaning as much as you should, the surfaces in and around your pool may look unsightly. Having your pool resurfaced will bring your old swimming pool back to life and make the water feel cleaner and clearer.
2.    Screen enclosure: Want all of the fun that comes with having a pool without all of the work of upkeep, the annoyance of mosquitos and the risk of reptile and amphibian visitors? Time to add a screen enclosure over your pool! A screen enclosure creates a barrier between you and all of the bugs, leaves and animals you don’t want landing in your pool, saving you from the time you would normally spend cleaning your pool instead of relaxing in it. If you are a Florida resident without an enclosure over your pool, you’re missing out on all of its great benefits.
3.    Lighting: Summer nights in Florida are humid and hot, and swimming doesn’t end when the sun goes down! Adding pool-safe Nebula Lighting around your home’s exterior or pool enclosure extends the hours of fun by keeping you safe at night!

If you’re ready to upgrade your pool for the most enjoyable summer yet, give the experts at KwikScreen a call today at (786) 379-0536 or use our contact form!