If you look through our online gallery, you will see that most of our projects are screen enclosures over residential pools. This is because an enclosed pool is a necessity for Florida residents who want to protect their property from unwanted visitors (both human and reptilian) and avoid daily cleaning from leaves and dirt.

So, you may be left wondering: where else are screen enclosures used?

Most commonly, commercial screens are used for restaurants for a more comfortable outdoor dining experience during hotter months when the bugs are out. Creating this space extends seating areas, allowing for more customers and shorter wait times, and can provide a designated space for live music while other customers can dine quietly indoors.

Screen enclosures are also frequently used for outdoor recreation areas, like tennis courts or lounge areas on golf courses. Many hotels with rooftop pools and gyms will also enclose their pools, keeping bugs out for less cleanup and happier guests.

Though screen enclosures are a huge selling point for homeowners, they can be very attractive to potential renters, too. An apartment with a screened balcony or a condo with a screened patio feel luxurious, and is likely to rent faster than those without because they extend the living space and allow for better outdoor dining and gardening.

The experts at KwikScreen provide full design, installation and maintenance services for all types of residential and commercial screens throughout Florida. From our Miami headquarters and staging sites throughout the state, our crews can provide a solution that looks great and will last, whether it’s a full pool enclosure or smaller balconies and patios.

Summer will be here soon, which means more and more people will be heading south on vacation! If you’re ready to have a screen enclosure installed before the busy season starts, give us a call today at (786) 379-0536.