If you have a home where your kitchen is facing the back of the house and you have sliding doors to the backyard, then you are in an optimal position for adding a screened in patio or enclosure to give you extra space.

A screened in patio enclosure does not have to be elaborate or state-of-the-art if your main concern is simply to add extra space.

How Patios Can Add Extra Space

Adding a patio can give you extra space so that you now have an extension off your house and extra space for you to entertain, add privacy and value to your home.

Guests love to mingle on a patio or deck. It’s socially inviting and everyone loves to sit outside on a beautiful day. Guests will gravitate to your patio and be less likely to hang out in the kitchen – which seems to be the most popular thing to do.

Patios are also great spaces to hold family reunions in nice weather or to have friends over for a BBQ.

By having a patio added to your home there will always be less traffic inside your kitchen, creating more space both indoors and out when you entertain on your patio.

Storage Space and Your New Patio

Believe it or not, you can create useful storage space out on your patio that you did not have before in the way of deck storage for cushions. You can even custom build benches that have storage built inside them and store all of your summer items in those benches. This frees up a lot of space in your shed,  garage or other storage areas for important items such as family heirlooms, kids stuff etc.

Adding a patio to the back of your house and incorporating wooden benches for storage is a great space saver for both the inside and outside of your home.

You can even store your garden hoses, watering can, and planters in deck storage containers and secure them away until next summer. There are endless possibilities for patios and deck storage that can free up extra space in your garage, basement, and shed.

Adding a patio frees up and adds extra space to your home in many ways and KwikScreen can help you build the patio screen enclosure of your dreams….The possibilities are endless so when you’re ready give us a call….We’ve been doing patio screen and pool enclosures for over 20 years in the South Florida Miami area…