Summer is almost here! Is your backyard space ready for entertaining?

Now is the time to get your patio upgrades done!

Have the newest trendy patio designs to impress your guests and create the perfect outdoor area.

Here are our favorite patio upgrades:

Screened In Your Patio

No one likes bugs. Enjoy the fresh air without the bugs and screen in your patio. You will also be able to enjoy your patio without any debris blowing in from any wind.

You also won’t have to be as concerned with the hassle of putting away your chair cushions every night. Your furniture will stay in tip-top condition and your screened-in area will feel more like an outdoor living room.

Another benefit of a screened-in patio is, assuming you have a regular ceiling, you can install a fan for ideal air circulation on those hot and humid days.

Fire Pit Table 

One of the coolest new trends for outdoor spaces is the fire pit table. Easy-to-light and propane-fueled, you can have all the benefits of a fire without the mess!

Create an inviting outdoor gathering space and sit by the warmth in your own backyard. Being able to have a fire at a moment’s notice without all the hassle of finding firewood makes a fire pit table the perfect addition to any patio space. 


A lot of modern patio designs feature pergolas. Pergolas offer some shade without the enclosure or umbrella while adding structure and elegance. 

Kiwi Screen is also a pergola contractor in the Miami area. Pergolas can be as small as to cover a swing, or extremely large to cover your entire patio area. 

Pergolas also assist other decorating ideas, like string lights, hanging plant, or decorative vines. 

Pizza Oven

Move over grills, the pizza oven is here. Who doesn’t want an outdoor pizza oven? Seriously. Gone are the days of BBQs, and bring on the pizza parties. Imagine the toppings bar you could have! Personal pizza’s for everyone!

Of course, you can make much more than just pizzas in a pizza oven. Cooking at a high temperature, you can make steaks, ribs, heat up side dishes… there is almost nothing a pizza oven can’t make.

Ambiance Lighting 

Keep the party going all night, or just until bedtime, with nebula LED lighting. Designed specifically for pool and patio enclosures, this lighting can be adjusted by dimming the lights or with a premade entertainment configuration.

Nebula LED lighting can also be installed on any trim-like surface to provide a little extra light anywhere. 

Looking For Patio Upgrades?

Kwik Screen in Miami, Florida is here to help with your patio renovations. We will get your backyard space into the ideal relaxing and entertaining area. 

Contact us for a quote today—we can have your patio upgrades done on-time and for a competitive price. We’ve been committed to customer satisfaction since 1995, and we are looking forward to your call!