Just last summer, Miami was breaking records when it came to high temperatures.

This unprecedented rise in temps was the hottest recorded since 1895—after a seven-day average of 88.1 degrees in the final week of June. That’s above five degrees hotter than normal.

Needless to say, if you have a pool or patio, a screen enclosure could do you a world of good. Take these record high temperatures, for instance—patio screens in Miami can both protect you from harmful UV rays that come in tandem with the sunshine and keep you cooler. Those are only two of the many benefits.

Here are more compelling reasons to screen in your outdoor space. There’s nothing like a Florida sunroom!

1. Screen Enclosures Provide Sun Protection and Temp Correction

Of all the patio screen benefits, this is perhaps one of the most beneficial.

Pool and patio screens provide varying degrees of protection from UV rays. An unscreened porch leaves the entire space exposed—whereas a screened-in porch might provide anywhere from 30 to eighty percent blockage.

In addition to that, screens keep your outdoor space cooler by up to 15 degrees, which is extremely beneficial during those record-breaking months. Enjoy entertaining or relaxing outside without sweating buckets or constantly worrying about sunburn. (SPF still recommended!)

2. They Keep Wanted Things In and Unwanted Things Out

Think of all the things you’d want to keep sheltered inside your screened-in patio.

That could mean your pets (do you have a cat that enjoys sunbathing on the porch?), your lightweight patio furniture, your children. With a screen, you put up a boundary, an extra barrier between your home and the neighbors’.

Similarly, screens can keep unwanted things out—dirt, leaves, debris. Without an excess of this natural build-up, cleaning your porch or pool deck becomes a breeze. It also keeps out things like bugs, mosquitoes, etc.

3. There’s No Denying the Privacy Benefits

Having an outdoor room that’s screened in is like having an extension of the home.

Without a screen, you’ve still got your space—but there’s nothing there indicating it. Anyone might be able to look over and see your patio clear as day. With a screened-in porch, you’ve got a type of privacy that doesn’t exist without it.

4. Screens Are an Affordable and Substantial Upgrade

Just because you want some privacy or extra security doesn’t mean you want to put up another wall. A screen is a perfect solution, the middle ground that allows you a specific space and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, it’s affordable.

Screen maintenance is something that improves the life of your screen, which is made for durability and rip resistance. Screen porches also look better should you ever choose to sell your home—offering you an ROI on your project.

Patio Screens in Miami: For Surviving and Thriving This Summer

Now you know the several benefits of patio screens or pool screens.

They offer protection—from UV rays, nosy neighbors, insects, and more. They provide shade, shelter, and privacy. They’re a simple, one-time upgrade homeowners can make to their outdoor space that serves many purposes over many years.

If you need patio screens in Miami, look no further than KwikScreen. Contact us today to get a quote on your project. We look forward to serving you!