A pool cage is an important part of a home because it keeps outside elements from entering the area that contains the pool. If it is damaged, there are potential safety issues that come with using the pool.

It should be possible to determine whether or not the pool cage needs to be repaired by inspecting some fairly simple factors.

1. Leaky Joints

Leaky joints are created when water seeps through the cracks of tiled surfaces, which then creates rust on metal components and mold growth inside of walls. A guide to do-it-yourself leak repair is available through Lowe’s website. If you’re not comfortable doing the work yourself, you can hire a pool service company such as Kwikscreen, that specializes in professional full enclosure, re-screening, repairs, and more. 

2. Loose Tiles

Tiles that are loose, cracked or missing altogether are often the victims of missile impact from wet surfaces. To prevent these types of problems, it’s important that you place new tiles where the old ones were before they fell out, and make sure that the tiles are set in concrete before you swim again.

3. Rusted Hinges and Latches

The result of rusting hinges and latches is often some type of obstruction that prevents the door from opening or staying open. If your pool cage has doors, these rusting components can pose serious safety risks since they prevent access to the pool. The best way to prevent these issues is to properly maintain the hinges and latches by cleaning them with a wire brush and repainting them before they rust again.

4. Cracked Gutters and Downspouts

Water can get into cracks in pool cages in two different ways: wind-driven rain and water flowing through the gutters. A pool service company can fix this problem by sealing the cracks and removing any debris that is clogging up your gutters and downspouts.

5. Opening in Fence or Wall

Openings in pool cages allow people to get into the pool area without going through the proper channels, which increases the risk of drowning and other accidents. To prevent this type of accident from occurring, it’s important to take steps like installing self-closing and self-latching gates and putting up a fence around the pool to keep unsupervised kids out.

Being aware of these small problems can keep your pool safe from accidents that could lead to injury. Since the cost of repairing a damaged pool cage is significantly lower than the cost of replacing one, it’s worth the time and money to take steps to prevent accidents. If you need repair or maintenance, KwikScreen of Miami screen repair can assist. Contact Kwikscreen and get all the services  your pool needs.