Nebula LED Lighting

Safe Around Pools and Spas

The Nebula system is designed specifically for new or existing pool and patio screen enclosures, standard or Trac™ beams, or the Nebula mounting rail. LED lighting is perfect around the pool or seawater and out in weather as the system is completely chemical and water-resistant. The Nebula Rail Light System is powered by 12v DC which makes our lighting solution safe around water.

The standard single controller includes dimming to set the amount of light for your need or mood. When you add the patented Nebula Master Controller, you can now enjoy several entertainment configurations, such as photonic wave, shooting stars, and our favorite, Starlight.

Nebula Light in aluminum enclosure
Nebula Light in home facade

Nebula Rail Light System

Originally designed for pool screen enclosures, we saw the need for low-cost security or decoration lighting in the soffits of homes and businesses. The rail system was then designed for ‘trim-like’ installations in soffits, decks, docks, seawalls, spas, gazebos, sunrooms and other general lighting applications

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