December 20, 2019


KwikScreen Now Offers Renaissance Patio Products

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Patios Covers

Patio Cover Attached to Modern Home

If you would like to create a comfortable outdoor space with full or partial shade, full waterproofing, and insulation, the Renaissance line of Patio Covers has an option to suit nearly any home and budget, click the button below to learn about what will work on your home, get your free design consultation, and exact price.

patio covers
Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing Freestanding Gazebo Style

If you are looking for a stunning outdoor space that keeps you fully shaded from the sun, insulated from the heat, and protected from the rain, one of our Patio Roofing systems is the solution. Click below to get in touch with a local installer for all the details and exact installed pricing.

Screen Rooms

Beautiful Patio Screen Rooms Available

If keeping your patio a fully shaded, bug free outdoor room is your goal, than you can’t go wrong with a Renaissance Screen Room. We even go as far as to hide all of the fasteners others leave exposed to create the most beautiful structures possible. Click below to get a comprehensive design and exact price.

Screen rooms


A pergola is the perfect solution

If you are looking for a partially shaded space, either attached to your home or freestanding in your yard, pergolas do not keep out the rain, but they are a stunning design element and keep any space cool, and beautiful. Click below for your free design consultation and exact pricing.


Freestanding Gazebo Shade Trellis 

Create a magnificent outdoor space anywhere in your yard. From covering outdoor kitchens, or bars, to creating a shaded space next to your pool, a Gazebo makes any space truly relaxing. Click below for a free design consultation and exact price quote.



Beautify Your Home With a Fully Enclosed Sunroom 

If you are looking for a fully enclosed space, with Acrylic, Glass, or Impact Glass windows, one of our Renaissance Sunrooms is the way to go. Using state of the art engineering and design, we have been able to manufacture the most visually attractive and simple to install Sunrooms on the market. Click below for your free design consultation and exact pricing.

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