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Extend Your Living Space

Residents of Florida know and appreciate how great it is to have warm temperatures almost year-round, and tend to love spending time outdoors. You may have already extended your home and gotten more time outside with a screen enclosure, but how are you using the extra space in your backyard? If you love your screen enclosure but are looking for the same shade and space without the full screen, a pergola is the perfect option for you!


Why Every Restaurant Needs a Screen Enclosure

If you live in or around Miami, you know that this winter has been nothing but warm and sunny. In a state that remains mild year-round, residents and visitors love spending time outdoors, especially when dining. If you are a restaurant owner, one of the best investments you can make is adding a screen enclosure! Read more about Why Every Restaurant Needs a Screen Enclosure[…]

Take The Scare Out Of Your Home’s Exterior This Month

It’s finally October, and while this month has the spookiest holiday of the year, nothing should be scary about the exterior of your home. Dimly lit walkways and porches, dirty siding, and a boring backyard are all frightening sights for guests or potential homeowners. Before the busy holiday season begins, consider these tips to take Read more about Take The Scare Out Of Your Home’s Exterior This Month[…]

Screen Repair Discount for KwikScreen Customers

We are so heartbroken by all the damage from Hurricane Irma. To help our customers who have used KwikScreen in the past, we are offering $500 off repairs to previous KwikScreen customers, on any job over $5,000. We know unexpected repair costs are never easy to handle, so we hope this will help make a Read more about Screen Repair Discount for KwikScreen Customers[…]