5 Most Common Sunroom Repairs You’ll Need

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If you are an owner of Aluminum Sunrooms, you know how wonderful they can be. But you may not know sunrooms require regular maintenance and repair, just like any other room in your house. Kwikscreen is a company that provides excellent sunroom repair services. This blog will show you the five most common reasons to use

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Patio Enclose

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Why it's important to pick the perfect location for your patio enclosure The location of your patio enclosure will determine how much wear and tear it will receive. If you choose a spot that is too exposed, you may find yourself battling the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. If you

5 Signs That Your Pool Cage Needs to be Repaired

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A pool cage is an important part of a home because it keeps outside elements from entering the area that contains the pool. If it is damaged, there are potential safety issues that come with using the pool. It should be possible to determine whether or not the pool cage needs to be repaired

The Top 5 Reasons to Switch From Incandescent Patio Lights to LED

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It's time to get on board with LEDs. LED patio lights are the best way to set your outdoor space apart from the rest. These stylish, energy-efficient lights provide safety and security while also adding ambiance and elegance to any evening gathering or event. With a wide variety of options available, you're sure to

Top 4 Reasons to Install a Screen Enclosure on Your Home Today

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If you are looking to invest in screen enclosures for your home, keep reading to find out the top 4 reasons why it is a good idea to invest today. You'll learn about some of the benefits of owning a screen enclosure, and how installing one will help you protect your home from different

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

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After the terrible storms of 2017 and the damage they caused, most Florida residents are already thinking about this year’s hurricane season and what it might bring. During the month of September after Hurricane Irma, our team set out to repair screen enclosures and screen rooms for homes and businesses across the state. We understand

The Perfect Accessory for Your Screen Enclosure

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Summer is almost here – students will be out of school, days will be longer, and backyard pool hangouts will extend well into the night. We’ve written before about the decorating freedom that a screen enclosure allows you (no worrying about weathered or dirty furniture), but now it’s time to start thinking about the best

Extend Your Living Space

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Residents of Florida know and appreciate how great it is to have warm temperatures almost year-round, and tend to love spending time outdoors. You may have already extended your home and gotten more time outside with a screen enclosure, but how are you using the extra space in your backyard? If you love your screen

New Year? New Yard.

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The busy holiday season is in full swing, but many of us are already plotting New Year’s resolutions and goals. We know how busy the next few months can be with gift shopping, hosting family and friends, and holiday dinners. However, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself and consider your

Take The Scare Out Of Your Home’s Exterior This Month

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It’s finally October, and while this month has the spookiest holiday of the year, nothing should be scary about the exterior of your home. Dimly lit walkways and porches, dirty siding, and a boring backyard are all frightening sights for guests or potential homeowners. Before the busy holiday season begins, consider these tips to take

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