The Perfect Accessory for Your Screen Enclosure

Summer is almost here – students will be out of school, days will be longer, and backyard pool hangouts will extend well into the night. We’ve written before about the decorating freedom that a screen enclosure allows you (no worrying about weathered or dirty furniture), but now it’s time to start thinking about the best accessory for your pool enclosure or patio: Nebula Lighting.

What is Nebula Lighting? The Nebula system is specially designing lighting for new or existing pool and patio screen enclosures, and is completely chemical and water resistant (meaning chlorine won’t wear it down). This makes it the better option when it comes to pool enclosures, because you’ll never have to worry about the risk of splashing water onto your lighting fixtures.

The Nebula system also allows you to control the amount of light for your need or mood, and can be customized even further using the Nebula Master Controller with special configurations and effects (think: shooting stars). This is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to swim at night without harsh, bright bulbs.

It also allows you to create a specific mood for different parties and events. For instance, a smaller, intimate dinner with family and friends would be better suited with dimmed lighting, while a larger party where you need to keep track of children would require brighter lighting. The nebula system allows you to create all kinds of moods without having to purchase different lighting fixtures every time!

If you’re ready to add the perfect accessory to your screen enclosure and have the Nebula Lighting System installed for the most enjoyable (and well-lit) summer yet, give the experts at KwikScreen a call today at (786) 379-0536 or use our online contact form!